Book Review – Beautiful Ruins: A Novel, by Jess Walter – LOVED (*****)



Beautiful Ruins takes place in Italy, Hollywood, Seattle and Idaho, and alternates between 1960, 1990’s/early 2000’s and current day, with a little story of WWII thrown in the middle. Oh, and a story about a failed caravan out west that ended in cannibalism in the early 1900’s. Whew! I think that covers it!

One of the main characters of the book is Pasquale, the son of innkeepers in a tiny (really tiny) seaside village near Cinque Terre, Italy.   We meet Pasquale when he is in his early 20’s, and is taking over the inn after his father died.  It is the 1960’s, and the movie Cleopatra is filming in Rome, but Pasquale is still shocked when an American actress ends up in his inn (called The Hotel Adequate View).  The other main character of the book, an unknown actress named Dee Moray, has gotten sick and is sent away from the set to recuperate.


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