Film Festival Red Carpet

David Schrager Photography


Last week I photographed the red carpet for the Boston International Film Festival movie premiers. There were some great movies, charismatic people, and fast-paced but enjoyable photo work.

Photo tip: take your external flash off of ETTL mode and play around with Manual. ETTL stands for “evaluative, through the lens” and automatically determines the flash power output for you, similar to the way your camera reads it’s surroundings and adjusts it’s own settings depending on what mode you have it in. I typically like ETTL when conditions are constantly changing around me, but I find you’ll be more consistant with a shoot like this if you stick to one, manually determined flash setting. ETTL can sometimes misread it’s surroundings and fire too little or even too much flash. External flashes are powerful, so even with minimal light I only needed about 1/8 power for this red carpet.

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