Ginny Weasley, Meet Real Life

All Those Small Things

So, my best friend and I (in a particularly twilight zonish bout of insomnia), were complaining about how girls in books never have to go through regular life. Okay sure, so they have a lot on their plates, what with Dark Lords, Dragons, and lumpy spaghetti. But as with the Harry Potter series, there’s magic, but how does it impact regular bodily function?

Let me explain.

In the books, Ginny is running around creating Dumbledore’s Army, smothering people in bat bogey and just swishing her red hair everywhere.

 A more realistic version would have been…

“Ginny looked in the mirror and winced. She’d slept late last night; the DA Members Reunion had gone on till 3 AM. Some people needed to learn when to stop, she though as she studied her face. The dark blue almost bruised looking dark circles she had acquired weren’t doing her complexion any favours but…

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