Good reads, funny animals, and sleep disorders

Somewhere a clock is ticking

My Dane is so funny. He will be so full of energy and mischief one moment, and then 20 minutes later be passed out on his dog bed. Sometimes he scrunches the bed up and lays underneath it. He is such a grumpy old man when he is tired too. When it is time for the night’s last potty break before bed, he normally rolls his eye toward you without lifting his head, like “are you nuts right now?”

It’s an ongoing process getting my youngest cat to adjust to the dog. He is verrrry getting there. The only treat my cats get right now is hairball remedy – yes, not a treat at all really, but they LOVE the stuff. They’d eat the whole tube of it if I let them.

Anyway, if I say “treats” or “cheese” both cats come running. This past week anytime I’m giving the…

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