JordanCon Follow Up

Medusa's Library

bookSo, JordanCon was great!  I sold some jewelry, which was awesome, but not actually my primary purpose in going.  However, I will take just a moment to revel in this photo of my name in the program:

Seanan McGuireI also achieved my primary and secondary goals.  I met Seanan McGuire and I got Brandon Sanderson to sign my copy of Warbreaker, which had previously been defaced by Dan Wells.  So, that was all made of win!

Seanan is as awesome as I had hoped.  She was funny and intelligent and very nice.  She even complimented my skirt!  So, I’m chalking that up in the happy-shiny category.
Brandon was also very nice.  I only saw him on one panel and at his signing because I was going to all Seanan panels and I had to miss Saturday for rehearsal.  paige
However, coming home turned out to be lucky.  I got a package…

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