On Race and Asses

Sh*t I Should Have Read In High School

Written by Andrew:

Well, let me begin by way of apology.  This post comes long after I had intended it to.  As my dad mentioned, I am currently in West Africa conducting research.  But it’s not really that Internet access has been a problem.  My post’s delay is mainly due to just how busy I’ve been and how interesting everyone I encounter seems to be!  So anyway, I’m sorry.

While not quite to the end of the novel, the final major chunk of Uncle Tom’s Cabin introduces us to one of the work’s more famous—or maybe infamous—characters:  Simon Legree.  Chapter 30 through 39 details Tom’s experience at Legree’s cotton plantation.  Contrary to the living and familial conditions he encountered at the St. Clare’s, with Legree, Tom and most of the other slaves are forced to live in misery.  Most pass their days working in the fields and their nights preparing…

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