Singing Wind Bookstore

Sky Sense

About 45 minutes outside of Tucson, down a long, desert drive with mountain views on all sides is the Singing Wind Bookshop.  My parents had discovered it several years ago, and as a Lover Of Books I was fascinated by their story of their encounter with the little bookshop in the middle of the desert. I had to see it for myself.

Entering to the enthusiastic greeting of an old but friendly black and white dog whose happy tail thumped my leg like a little kid looking for candy, I nearly swoon at the sight of rooms and rooms of floor-to-ceiling books.  Rough hewn shelves of natural beauty, hand rubbed to a luster, hold endless volumes of  books.  But forget Dewey Decimal – the organization here is by subject, and known to the book by owner and librarian Winn (short for Winifred) Bundy. Winn, slight and bursting with energy…

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