The EuroChristian Judgment of the “Old Man and Woman”

Reapacentral Blog

As long as I remain in the flesh I am capable of temptation and error. The sinner can kill, I can kill. The sinner can lie, I can lie. In fact, I would argue that a large problem with this society is all the people who claim Christ but who think by doing so that they are incapable of error and thus they make errors and do not even seek forgiveness and repent because they assume they cannot err. What I have been freed from, undeservedly is the eternal PUNISHMENT of death from sin, that is, as long as I have accepted the gift of God’s grace in Christ. This is why we say “but for the grace of God, there go I.” There is no difference between us and the sinner, except that Christ has interceded for us. That is the gift of salvation. But Christian life is not…

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