The Wheel on the School


The book called The Wheel On The School is written by Meindert DeJong.  It is realistic fiction.  The characters are the teacher, Jella, Auka, Pier, Dirk, Eelka, and lastly, Lina, the only girl at school.  And, in fact, Lina wrote a story about storks, which was how she got this “stork business” started.

Everyone had completely forgotten there were no storks in Shora (the city in which they lived) until Lina read the story about storks.  Suddenly, everything changed.  They had their mind on just one thing: Wanting storks to come to Shora.

One day, a stork couple comes to Shora!  But it was stuck in quicksand!  So, the teacher, Jella, Lina, Pier, and a legless man named Janus went to help.  And now they have storks in Shora!

The author’s purpose is to entertain you.  The three new words I learnt from this book are dire, fleck and lull…

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