What Else Have I Been Reading Lately?

Helps To Write

As you have seen from previous posts, I am currently reading through a commentary on Mark called “The Gospel According To Mark” by James R. Edwards.  I’m only on page 51 (not even half way through Mark chapter 1 yet), but it is very good so far.  But, I’ve been busy reading other things as well.

I started auditing a church history from a missiological perspective course through my church this winter.  I just finished all the reading for the course.  There were two textbooks we had to read, which were actually the first two textbooks I have ever fully read cover to cover.  The first book is called “Dynamics of Christian Mission: History Through A Missiological Perspective“:

Dynamics of Christian MissionThe cover doesn’t do this book justice.  It’s a rather ugly and unenjoyable cover.  But the book was great.  Instead of just going through church history, the focus…

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