Here’s the Good News: A new engine for ERB Sailor in need

[ooyala code=”5mNDliYjqtPL6Q3DI4DPWAAdVcg1fz_Z” player_id=”55ce3a06495346ddb20768902d1e991c”]Food stamps, unemployment and possible foreclosure – life after the Navy has been tough for former sailor Michael Pitt, after he was fired by the Enlisted Retention Board.

“Hell, depression, sad, frustrated,” said Pitt of his struggles over the past nine months.

After his story aired on NewsChannel 3 earlier this month, many of you reached out wanting to help–especially since this sailor didn’t have a working car to get around town.

“For the time being, I got postponed for a potential job because I can’t go to a follow-up interview,” said Pitts.

One of those people was Paul Turney, the owner of PT Mobile Mechanics.

He volunteered to take a look at Pitt’s car, free of charge.

“Definitely seems to be a seized engine,” said Turney. “Yep, there’s the piston, definitely a blown engine, looks like you threw a rod through the engine block.”

Not good news…because…

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