Steve Morse On Deep Purple’s Rock Hall Chances: ‘They Would Like To See It Happen’

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Deep Purple were not have been voted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame this year – much to the chagrin of hard rock fans worldwide) – but that isn’t slowing them down. They just released their new album, Now What? (April 30), which is their fifth with “new” guitarist Steve Morse. 

Morse replaced the band’s original guitarist, Ritchie Blackmore, in 1994, but he still has rookie status in the band. “Yeah, it’s pretty amazing to be 20 years into it and be the ‘new guy,'” he tells Even though he has been in the band longer than keyboardist Don Airey, he is still thought of as the band’s newest member. That’s partially because Steve is the lone American in an otherwise all British band, so among other cultural differences, they don’t follow the same sports: “As soon as Don started talking soccer with those guys, he…

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