During the seventeenth century, while their fellow priests, with varying degrees of success and failure, of Christian work and secular negotiation,

Montréal - Downtown Montréal: Cathédrale Chris...

Montréal – Downtown Montréal: Cathédrale Christ Church (Photo credit: wallyg)

were extending the power of the Church of Rome in India and the Moluccas, in China and Japan, in Brazil and Paraguay, missionaries of the Society of Jesus were winning over to Catholicism the Huron Indians in what is now the Province of Ontario.

As forest clad shores of Georgian Bay.

Everywhere throughout a still wider region of forest and wilderness these and other pioneers of religion preached and suffered and

English: "Paul III approving the Society ...

English: “Paul III approving the Society of Jesus”, painting by an anonymous artist at the entrance of the sacristy of the church Il Gesù, Rome, Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

struggled with the forces of nature, and of native barbarism, or died for the faith that was in them.


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